Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash

When you hear the term “internet of things” what comes to mind? Sounds like a combination of a lot of things, yeah? But really, it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

The world generally has been benefiting from the great advantages derived from Internet of Things (IoT) and if there’s any sector that should tap fully into this blessedness, then it has to be the most important sector in human existence, agriculture.

With internet of things, the various devices that are dispersed into the field can be monitored and can help the Tech farmer make better decisions.

Water meters, soil moistures, rainfall, Nitrogen level and all other information can be accessed through smart phones. How nice does that sound? Yeah, you’re right. Very nice.

Smart cattle biometrics and water level detector in the cattle ranch sending you information right to your smart phone even when you’re not on the farm that the water level is below the required for the cows will help you make the decision of providing more water. And even better still, the irrigation pump releasing water automatically to the ranch when the water level detector gives a “below normal” water level signal will not only reduce your stress, but would increase your productivity and help you have a better experience on the farm generally.

To think IoT is to think better agriculture.

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