Agricultural productivity and yield quantity are dependent on climate, soil characteristics, and use of the factors of production. Agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, irrigation, seeds, pesticides, and farmers’ skills also influence farm productivity.

Precision agriculture is a new farming management approach, where farmers can capture and analyze data in order to optimize inputs and practices for best outcomes. With precision agriculture, one of the biggest breakthrough in technology is soil mapping which was rather difficult without technology. With soil mapping, the farmer is out to discover accurate information about the soil, the weather and crop conditions.

The agri-tech farmer can focus more on productivity and precision in his business when he employs the use of soil mapping in order to know the composition of the soil, identifying the various elements in the soil that fits a particular crop variety and at a particular point in time. The farmer can also know the pH level of the soil in order to know what fertilizer and in what quantity it is needed for what crop and also the application of pesticides.

Soil mapping gives the needed data about a particular area of the farm this data then guides decisions on which crop to plant or when and where to apply fertilizer, agrochemicals, or water. As a result, farmers can optimize the use of inputs, making maximum use of the little resources they have.

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