Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The need for sustainability in Agriculture has been discussed over and again but as the years roll on, there is an increase in the depletion of the agricultural sector in the aspect of food security. These depletion are caused by the actions of the ever increasing human population through greenhouse gasses, vehicle emissions, bush burning and all of these are telling on the world climate and the various changes it comes with such as flooding and drought.

The advancement in technology mean that these various climate changes can be combatted so that there would be sufficient food available to sustain the fast growing population.

Through the advent of Remote sensing, useful data can be collected in dangerous areas (areas affected by flooding and fire outbreak due to deforestation). In the advent of flood and natural disasters caused by climate change, remote sensing can be used in identifying the changes in the land area and what crop will grow best with the new characteristics of the land.

With this technology, the farmer can be rest assured that his crop yield is not affected by the effects of climate change because he can now keep track of the various climatic conditions, plan ahead for excessive rainfall or insufficient rainfall or sunlight. The weather pattern can be monitored and the agric-tech farmer can make better decisions with his farming business.

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