Tackling Food Insecurity with Technology

World poplulation 2021

Over the years, as the world population grows with a growth estimate for 2050 at 2 billion, food insecurity, its offspring, has also grown exponentially, especially in Sub-Saharan and Nigeria in particular, where importation skyrocketed to 2,482,178.50 NGN Millions in June from 2,221,385.10 NGN Millions in May of 2021.

TradeBuza: The Solutiion

TradeBuza with its team of young thinkers and varied solutions has leveraged technology towards improving yield, efficiency, and profitability in Agriculture.

Access to Finance

One of the ways, TradeBuza help solve the problem of food insecurity, is to provide access to finance for small-holder farmers through outgrower schemes using TradeBuza Capture, an end-to-end field enumeration and data management system that allows users to perform KYC collection, validation, field GPS mapping, customized reporting & other data services.

According to the World Bank’s statistics, 90% of agricultural production in Nigeria is the output of inefficient small-scale farmers. As a result, such farmers only manage to produce sufficient food to sustain their immediate families. If the above is the case, it means that if these smallholder farmers have access to finance, they will be able to produce more.

At present, TradeBuza has onboarded over 808,111 farmers.

Credit Risk Reduction

Through our remote sensing technology, aggregators and project managers can monitor weather changes, overlay checks, vegetative checks, pest, and disease early warning and many risk reduction features to ensure that these farmers do not run at a loss and are not being chased by banks. That is, they can monitor and manage the available resources through different farming seasons and ensure they remain creditworthy.

Greater Crop Yield

One of our solutions at TradeBuza, intelligence engine. can be tailored to any agric business to ensure that there is efficiency and profitability in their operations using our Also, our solutions are focused on promoting the operations of large growers, out-grower schemes through tracking, and a management platform that allows the client to onboard project managers, agents, and farmers to ensure that the farming season is a success.

TradeBuza, a leading agritech company in Nigeria focused on improving food production in this way and so far, we have validated over 200,000 farmlands and have onboarded over 100 outgrower schemes and agric organizations who are using our solutions daily.

You can reach out to us for a demo via our website so you can be part of our solution and help better tackle food insecurity in Africa.

Thank you for reading.

At TradeBuza, we are all about the effective digitization of outgrower schemes and commodity trades.